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Various Instruments Used in General Dentistry Service

general dentistry services
What do you mean by general dentist?

•    General dentist are the first primary dental service provided to all ages of patients against oral health care. Although it main focus about oral health takes responsibility for the treatment, diagnosis, preventive services, restorative service and overall coordination of services to fulfilled your oral health  needs. It provide a wide array of services in this field like cosmetic procedure, preventive services, overall health issue concerns, restorative services. It is the main provider of dental care to all ages of people. It very important at a routine visit to you and your family for the purpose of your oral health issues. It examine your mouth included   gums, teeth, structure, tooth decay even your breath also.

It covers the wide range of procedure with their instruments. It firstly including examine consultation and diagnosis. Diagnosis covers X-ray CAT scans and wax moulds for replacement teeth.

Overview of X-Ray

Why X-Ray taken?  X-ray is also known as the radiographs. It is very essential part of oral dental care treatment plan. It analysis what is wrong with your teeth before start treatment. It is very effective method or procedure, helping a dentist diagnosis about potential oral care issues in a patient’s mouth before start treatments. X-Ray is the energy wave that passes through soft tissues and is absorbed by dense tissue. Teeth and bones are very complex or dense, so it is not easy observed by eye then take x-ray to examine easily. It is very common procedure to use by dentist. It can divide into two parts: 1) intraoral 2) extra oral.

It gives fine or high level of detail of the tooth, bones, and tissues of the mouth. The benefits of X-rays allow dentists to diagnosis common diseases such as cavity, gum problem, infection, tooth decay, preview the overlap tooth and some other type of infections. X-rays allow dentists to:

•    Examine cavity problem
•    Examine tooth root
•    Examine the health of the bony area around the tooth
•    Examine if periodontal disease is an oral health care
•    Analysis the status of developing teeth

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